Darrin & Nicole Geisinger

With the flurry of conferences and getaways promising to provide ultimate "truth" and tons of "fun", there are a few reasons why Raising Up The Remnant is a special getaway - and may be where your family ought to enjoy this winter break. 


Darrin and I committed this weekend to The Most High from the very beginning. We've endured several all-out, upside-down changes since first setting out. I stress, this weekend has never been to highlight the Geisinger family, or our particular journey. This testimony is to establish that there are real folks behind Raising Up the Remnant. We're a real family, undergoing an authentic journey of walking "out of captivity" and real motivation to see our Abba magnified. We are devoted to Father's good pleasure despite the ups and downs of planning this event. From losing speakers to tragic illness, quarrels, poor scheduling, and to those just not wishing to share space with others not in 100% agreement with them—at times we thought the enemy would claim victory—when actually Yah was behind the scenes, masterfully at work, tearing down and rebuilding!


Having attended many retreats ourselves, and coordinators for one of the biggest events in Branson every year, we realized how impactful the time is when like-minded Jesus/Yeshua Followers get together for fellowship. We also realized that some conferences seem overly focused on continual education, and the proliferation of endless knowledge and truth. What we found lacking were weekends devoted to utilizing the knowledge that attendees have already accumulated, and then providing them with encouragement and inspiration to finally take action.  


>>>Amassing more knowledge is not the proper response to waking up!


>>>Sitting and watching hours and hours of someone else taking action, is also not the proper response!


Being still before your Creator and listening for His prompting to take you deeper, into the next step of action in His will, is the solution! However, that is always much easier said than done. The things He is calling His people to do in this age, entails going completely against the grain of society, our loved ones, and our carnal natures.


This is why we wanted to host a weekend of Believers uniting with common goals and leadings. Our acquired knowledge has provoked us to make serious, and life-altering changes - and our first steps were dang difficult! We know YHWH is calling others into these same changes, and has yet called others far ahead of where we have journeyed, in order to provide encouragement to us. We need each other! It is so helpful to stand along side others who are doing bold and courageous things like:


• Starting to grow their own food - or at minimum, impressing upon the children that food does not come from boxes, cans and big stores 

• Getting off prescription medicine - or just plain starting to view doctors as less than healers, in replacement of our Creator

• Attacking the spiritual forces at work against families - just turning off the media devices and putting kids to fruitful work.

• Reclaiming responsibility as parents and, at all costs, taking back the privilege of our children's upbringing and education.


There is so much we as a modern people have forgotten in doing life because we depend upon technology and modern conveniences. Dependencies on things draw us away from our Absolute Source (The One True God) of provision, health, truth, sustenance and holiness. When the things we are dependent upon go away (and they will eventually go away!), we will be left helpless and desperate for rescue. It is a naive assumption to believe that in our most desperate times of suffering, that we will turn to God for ALL provision, if we don't make a firm practice of knowing He can provide it all today. Our family is desperately trying to do this by unplugging and learning to be set-apart. We have a long way to go, but we are motivated to go forth with others who are also looking to jump out of the wide road to destruction.


We are event planners turned set-apart people. We've gotten out of the city and corporate life, commutes and the noise of "what everyone else is doing". Our new loves have become our dairy cow and seed sprouts germinating! - So, what do we do with ourselves now??  We opted to organize a time of fellowship and encouragement for others seeking the same desires, and especially for those wanting to introduce these desires within their children. Past events we've attended with our children ended up being major turning points in our family's life. Gathering around like-minded people helped our kids realize there are others, and validated our "odd-ness" in ways I never could have duplicated in the classroom setting. Raising Up The Remnant is our effort to enjoy a safe, holy and joyous gathering with other folks and families who also feel like fish going against the current.


For these reasons you should consider attending or streaming RutR 2019 and let this story of YHWH's intervention, prompt your story to unfold… 



Darrin and Nicole Geisinger are continuing their journey of faith, and “Exit out of Babylon,” by bringing Raising Up The Remnant to Potosi, Missouri this December. Their goal is to direct Glory to the Father, being lights that draw all peoples into the Word of Truth. After buying a 50-acre homestead in the fall of 2017, Darrin and Nickie are now saying YES to Father’s design for “bucking the system,” getting their hands dirty, and living a life of ever increasing self-sustainability. Far from experts, the Geisingers prove that anyone can say NO to the corporate rat-race, smoggy commutes and experience Father’s freedom of real-living.


Darrin is writing a sci-fi series that illustrates an end-times scenario of Great Deception and Lying Signs & Wonders. A new “Golden Age” descends on Earth as the “gods return to mingle themselves with mortal men.” Courage and faith are tested as Humanity 2.0 is mandated, once again “corrupting all flesh.” www.DarrinGeisinger.com 

Nickie is focused on taking “Canaan Homestead” into a productive, vibrant place of nutrition and submission to the Most-High. She home schools their three children in the ways of Torah and in the knowledge the Remnant needs in these last days.  You will hear from her from time to time here at: RutR Blog