Darrin & Nicole Geisinger

Darrin and Nicole Geisinger are continuing their journey of faith, and “Exit out of Babylon,” by bringing Raising Up The Remnant to Potosi, Missouri this December. Their goal is to direct Glory to the Father, being lights that draw all peoples into the Word of Truth. After buying a 50-acre homestead in the fall of 2017, Darrin and Nickie are now saying YES to Father’s design for “Bucking the System,” getting their hands dirty, and living a life of ever increasing self-sustainability. Far from experts, the Geisingers prove that anyone can say NO to the corporate rat-race, smoggy commutes and experience Father’s freedom of real-living.


Darrin is writing a Sy-Fy series that illustrates an End-Times scenario of Great Deception and Lying Signs & Wonders. A new “Golden Age” descends on Earth as the “gods return to mingle themselves with mortal men.” Courage and faith are tested as Humanity 2.0 is mandated, once again “corrupting all flesh.” www.darringeisinger.com 

Nickie is focused on taking “Canaan Homestead” into a productive, vibrant place of nutrition and submission to the Most-High. She home schools their three children in the ways of Torah and in the knowledge the Remnant needs in these last days.  You will hear from her from time to time here at RutR Blog