An American Homestead


Off Grid Living Deep in the American Ozark Mountains.

Modern Homesteading is what An American Homestead focuses on in an off grid educational and learning environment. After leaving the city in 2012 for our homestead adventure, our family has been learning through success and failures how to once again conquer the land and educate ourselves on land management, solar energy, raising chickens and livestock, gardening, food preservation and self and family sustainability.

Torah Town


Torah Town is dedicated seeking out and living out the Whole Word of God. Our purpose is to share all that we learn, not only to our youth, but also to their parents and caregivers. We began in April 2017, as an animated Torah adventure series with each episode based on a daily parsha reading, aimed at the pre-school to 4th grade demographic.

Our initial aim was to provide a Scripturally Based alternative to mainstream, secular programs. However, after about 4 months, we discovered that there is a great need for all forms of Torah Based entertainment, activities and learning material for children and their parents.

Now our goals have grown to creating wholesome videos and animations for our youth, designing scripture centered games and activities, as well as developing a God-Centered, Torah Based Curriculum for Homeschooling that is both entertaining and motivational for the student and parent alike. And it is our hope to be able to provide all of these materials Free of Charge.

Take on The World 2019


Take On The World Conference 2019 will expose darkness (Ephesians 5:11) and will cover topics that most churches will either deny or never talk about. This will be an incredible learning experience like no other.

Be prepared to change your worldview!



Through detailed, original illustrations and fun activity books, enjoy the beauty and power of God’s word while learning biblical history and scriptural truth.

Derek Sproule


Hello, my name is Derek Sproule

and I am a Messiah-saved illustrator based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. My endeavour is to craft impactful stories, to publish excellent educational and entertainment media, and to design products that enhance and enrich the lives of those around me. I am currently working to develop products that are geared towards Messianic and Homeschooling families. My long-term, creative goal is to establish or become a part of a Torah-observant art and design studio.

Lynette Marie Smith


Lynette Marie Smith is a graphic designer who started her career in print and publishing and has continued to evolve her skills into the current digital marketing and publishing realms. As a creative budding artist since she was a small child, there was no question what she wanted to do when she grew up.

A graduate of the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design, she has a wide array of experience from corporate identity and branding – to social media marketing and website design.

After several years in publishing and ad agency environments, she took some time off to raise her two daughters and has reemerged to carry on in the digital world where she wears many hats. In addition to design, she offers marketing strategy to small businesses who need help to jumpstart the image that Smith creates after much customer input.

Truth Seeker since 2013 and Torah Observant for almost 3 years has lead me to seek likeminded clientele. Looking to be a blessing, using my gifts to honor Yah and his Kingdom.

Et Cepher

The Cepher Publishing Group is an assembly of believers who have come together to bring the unabridged Word found in ancient scriptures to the world in printed form.

Torah Sisters


Torah Sisters exists to encourage women who are believers in Yeshua (Jesus) and are pursuing Torah obedience. My goal is to provide articles, memes, links,products and words of encouragement to make your walk stronger and more enjoyable.



Now You See TV was started in 2010 as a independent media company. It started as a vision and turned into a reality by a series of events that we believe were divine intervention. As we go we continue to reach from 500 thousand people per month and growing with our videos. We are humble to be used by the Almighty. 

Joshua Watts

Joshua Watts Leather Co. is a custom leather shop. We custom build everything from purses and wallets, to full sets of armor and masks. We also create corporate leather projects such as menus, luggage tags, passport wallets and much more.