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Blending Resources to Customize Your Curriculum

We highly recommend you consider these fine resources

to customize your homeschool curriculum.

Torah Town


Torah Town is dedicated seeking out and living out the Whole Word of God. Our purpose is to share all that we learn, not only to our youth, but also to their parents and caregivers. We began in April 2017, as an animated Torah adventure series with each episode based on a daily parsha reading, aimed at the pre-school to 4th grade demographic.

Our initial aim was to provide a Scripturally Based alternative to mainstream, secular programs. However, after about 4 months, we discovered that there is a great need for all forms of Torah Based entertainment, activities and learning material for children and their parents.

Now our goals have grown to creating wholesome videos and animations for our youth, designing scripture centered games and activities, as well as developing a God-Centered, Torah Based Curriculum for Homeschooling that is both entertaining and motivational for the student and parent alike. And it is our hope to be able to provide all of these materials Free of Charge.

Bible Pathways Adventures


Our mission is to help parents and educators around the world disciple their children. How do we do this? With our free printable activities, Teacher Packs, and Activity Books – all created to help children learn a Biblical faith in a fun creative way.

Inspired by God’s Word, we’ve taken your best-loved Bible stories and added world-class audio and wonderful illustrations to bring the Bible’s most famous characters to life. Click the Stories and Activities sections above to download free Bible stories, worksheets, puzzles, coloring pages and more.

Homeschooling Torah


First known as Anne’s School Place and then later as Foundations Press, Inc., our little publishing company started in 2002, originally containing lots of links and resources that had been helpful to our own family in homeschooling. Our goal was to help families take the guesswork out of homeschooling.

In the passing years, if people would ask us, “What homeschooling curriculum do you use?” we would him-hum around, not sure how to answer. No particular curriculum seemed to fit our personal dream to use the Bible as our primary method and textbook.

We also began to see that all of the Scriptures applied to our homeschooling, and since 2006, we have been seeking to use not just the Scriptures, but specifically the Torah as the foundation of our lives. (You can read our full doctrinal statement here.)

As a result, we’ve been slowly writing and designing curriculum, first for use in our own home with our own children, then for the use of our friends here online

Discover the Most Practical Curriculum on the Market, Written Specifically for Your Torah-Observant Family. 

With The Huddlesons


We are Bryan and Michelle Huddleston, founders of With the Huddlestons, Huddleston Academy (Live Academics), and More Than Minority. 


Together we are a husband-wife team currently raising and homeschooling four blessings in the Bluegrass State – KY.

We are lovers and followers of the Most High, always looking for opportunities to show that love by serving others.

It is our passion and desire to create a thriving virtual community to help other families in Torah-pursuant faith, family, and education.