Pieces Coming Together in Transition back to the Ancient Paths

December 14, 2019

So far, we have 27” of snow at home but we are plowed out and moving, in the final preparation stages of coming for the Raising Up the Remnant conference! How are you doing preparing for our short visit to the wilderness of Pitosi?

In my last blog, I wrote a bit about the overview that we have seen as people begin moving out of the traditional “church” understanding and how it has affected us. We suspect that these same kinds of things have and are happening in other fellowship groups, thus the importance of being able to get a vision for what is involved and how to identify concerns.

Although much of Scripture characterizes our walk in faith as one of being in battle with the enemy of our souls, it hasn't been "fashionable" for a long time to say much about this. That time is coming to an end as we get closer to the time of Messiah's return. ...and I think those of you who are a part of the awake Remnant already know and are preparing!

Today, I am going to summarize a bit of what I will be covering in my second opportunity to address the conference group. It will be about assessing all the various aspects that need to be addressed individually and corporately in order for each assembly to be built up strongly in Messiah, in order to stand against the schemes of the enemy!

Too often, we think that there will be just some big showdowns at some time in the future and that is our spiritual battle! Unfortunately, the truth is more that we are already facing all of these kinds of battles in our day to day relationships with one another in our families and in our assemblies. If we think that we don't have to consider that now but just wait until the BIG battles appear, we will likely be disappointed! "As we train, so will we perform" goes the old adage.

Though we are unique as individuals and each assembly has it’s unique identity as well, there are commonalities. We know that our Abba’s intent for us has been that we would all find the echad or unity in Messiah and with one another that He has with our Father. Ultimately we are to be built up as a spiritual house!

The adversary knows this intent, too! We have understood that the primary strategy of the evil ones in this age is to create strife and division...directly opposed to the echad that YHWH desires.

It is very often an inward battle that we must resolve well in YHWH’s ways between our ears and behind our eyes before we will then see success in overcoming the challenges around us.

Just as we begin our physical life as infants, so do we begin our spiritual life there. We know that the Word speaks many times of the need for us to mature in every way but few know just what that maturity might look like in specific instances. It is not simply about getting older!

As I have reflected over the years on what is happening as we are beginning to hear the call back to the ancient paths, it has occurred to me that it is rather like the modern history struggle they had in 1947-48 in Israel. As they tried to assemble an army to defend the fledgling nation of Israel from people who had been forced out of their homes with little to nothing, they were brought to the shores in exhaustion and each speaking their own language with no common tongue. How can you successfully teach and direct an army when the members don’t understand the language of the commands? They were united in heart and intent, but ill equipped in the physical sense.

I see this same struggle today. We are coming from many different backgrounds, leaving behind much of our sentiments and traditions of the past, and beginning to make pursuing Torah our own as we prepare to be fully reunited with our brother Judah. But we are confused! We have many different levels of solid Scriptural understanding, differing degrees of spiritual discernment, different levels of maturity and emotional resiliency or lack of it, different levels of relational and conflict management skills, and so many different church traditions in our backgrounds.

Not only do we have these challenges, we also have personal relationship challenges and personality issues and severe trauma in our histories. All of these things make it difficult at best to come together and find trust in one another! It is like we don’t have a common “language,” but oh so many ideas and interpretations that we can hardly tell what is really accurate.

This is hard enough for those in teaching and shepherding positions to deal with among their people, but it is also difficult when these issues are among those teaching and leading! How does one ever begin to sort it out?

In our early gatherings soon after we have come out of our traditions, and when we have had such trouble to even find other people who see it as we do, we are initially filled with joy, just to be together! Overtime, in some of the cycles that I will describe, this joy can be challenged as different expectations lead to what seem like un-resolvable problems. I have called them “Messy Expectations” and have written a series of articles addressing how to identify and deal with them. Some of that will be included as I address the group.

In these blogs, I’ve been using jigsaw puzzle images to portray a little bit of what we face. When we gather in person, I will be using the Biblical imagery of sheep, shepherds, walls, rocks and relationships....and Messiah's Remnant Bride!

What do they have to do with each other? How will these matters impact our community living today?

Please come and find out!

If you haven’t yet completed the survey, please do so as soon as possible! I have been so thankful for those who have taken time to complete it as they are helping me better identify what experiences you have had and where you need support!

Watching and praying here,

Barbara L. Klika, MSW Undershepherd

Set Apart Ministries