Post Conference Greetings!

Shalom all!

I thought I had posted a greeting a few weeks ago but I am not seeing it, so here I am again!

It has been 3 weeks now since returning from the Raising Up the Remnant conference. I can say with all joy that all of us who attended from Set Apart Ministries were blessed and are seeing ongoing blessings as a result of this gathering. Our thanks to Nickie, Darrin and family, and all those volunteers who made it possible, for their faithfulness to our Abba.

It has been delightful to hear from those of you who have been in touch with me and I know that Trenton and Michael are very much enjoying their interactions with new old friends. I am looking forward to the opportunity to provide more information on what Yah has been teaching us here in SAM about personal maturity and character development, what it means in growing an assembly and helping people with various kinds of trauma recovery.

I am finishing up an article reviewing the main points of my second presentation for those who have asked for notes on the topics. I hope to have it posted online within the next day or so at our website:

Hoping that all of you Living Stones arrived home with some new encouragement about being part of that Remnant Bride He is building up into His Spiritual House!

Watching and praying in Messiah,

Barb Klika