Raising Up the Remnant: The Long View and the "Nitty Gritty"

Well, we only have about a month now until we gather to encourage and exhort the Remnant! Things are taking shape nicely. I now have a schedule for the event.

I am so delighted to have the input I am receiving from those who have completed the survey. You are helping us to better understand the strengths you already have and the areas in which you have struggled. For my part, I will be addressing community/assembly concerns. I encourage all who haven't yet gotten your ticket to please do that, and take the opportunity to receive $10 off when you complete the survey, too!

In my first opportunity at the conference, I will be taking the "Long View" of all that we have learned and what we see about the process of first, coming OUT of our past history and faith expressions and then the coming IN to a Torah understanding and lifestyle, a two step process. These transitions are founded in joy in getting to know Messiah better but also fraught with tension as those around us may not really understand and the "standing authorities" of this age object! There are even some predictable concerns that you can prepare to meet with confidence in Messiah! My book, New to Torah: A Practical Guide to Pursuing Messiah, the Living Word addresses the top ten challenges people have identified as they make this shift, along with suggestions and Scriptural support for how you can respond with grace and truth to all the questions that arise.

The book is available now on Amazon, Kindle and paperback, and will be at the conference, but the presentation will go far beyond the initial coming OUT and coming IN process. The importance of a Torah lifestyle in intimate relationship with Messiah Yeshua, both individually and as an assembly, will be magnified. Looking back to Genesis, we will see the prophecies that are yet to be fulfilled through our generations. As we go forward into a future that no doubt includes more joy AND more opposition, I will share the vision Abba has given us, as He has been building us "quietly, slowly, and deeply so that we would not be easily shaken." We see a future in which those who follow Yeshua will need strong conviction of faith, and strong relationships built in echad with one another, Yeshua, and our Abba Father to stand firm, speaking for what is good and against what is bad ..Because Gaining Knowledge Outside the Context of Relationship is Only HALF of His plan for Us!

My second presentation will look at the "Nitty Gritty" of those relationships, identifying what He has shown us as we have grown together walking after Messiah. The "Iron sharpening iron" process can be pretty challenging for most of us, people and leaders alike, yet it is His plan for our sanctification process. Thus far the survey responses are confirming these concerns, though I don't want to influence anyone with specifics now!

We need to gain knowledge of Him IN the Context of YHWH Honoring Relationships as He uses the people and circumstances in our lives to convey His message. Perspectives from members, teachers and shepherds will be included.

One example of something we have addressed, and now taught, is in the recognition of the spiritual components of passive aggressive behavior. This piece was downloaded between two and three hundred times a month for many years so some of you may even have already seen it. Is Being Passive Aggressive Addressed in the Bible? If you'd like to check it out, you can find it here:


Growing strong in Messiah together!

Barbara Klika, MSW


Set Apart Ministries

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