The Remnant moves "from faith to faith!"

Well, Shalom Ya’all!

We are now two months out from our joyful gathering at Raising Up the Remnant! Here in the Northwoods of Wisconsin it is snowing yet again, but there were a few melting days, too! The seed catalogues have arrived, so spring can’t be too far away.

Since everyone in our local community couldn’t attend the conference, we have now been able to share most all of the presentations with them via the Video on Demand feature. I also have posted the pictures of as many of the participants as I could get in our meeting place so we are all getting acquainted by name and face. The Video on Demand is still up and will be available for another 4 months according to plan. Please take advantage of this to refresh your memory of all that you learned and to pass it on to others as well!

I think that is one of the “tests” for what we learn in a conference: how much of it have we retained and begun to apply in our daily lives vs. how much simply passed away as in a dream of a wonderful time. It has been really good to hear of the ongoing friendships of the teens and development of the young adult’s group that found each other at RutR! And now they are beginning to go through the Life Model as well. All praise to Yeshua Messiah! May He be present in all they do, as they are growing personally and corporately in Him.

There may be even more things that have grown from the roots of this gathering so will you let me know what you know so we can all celebrate and keep them in prayer?

One thing that was a thread throughout the conference for me was the importance of staying close to Messiah as we move ahead in an increasingly difficult environment. The schemes of the adversary may be obvious to some of us but they are also subtle and sly to others. Seemingly simple things like how we manage our health can be challenging as we try to discern what is of Him and what may not be. Plans from the days of the tower in Shinar were exposed in the ongoing forms they take today. The dilemmas of knowing when and how to withdraw from the world system and when to plunge in…and even use to our benefit what we can… were voiced. Yet, even if we plunge in, the importance of retaining our Messiah centered focus remains…and even intensifies! Who could forget the message of redemption and personal example of how our Bridegroom-to-be is a banner over His Bride! He is our Redeemer!

The survey participants were willing to share something of the joys and struggles many have endured as they have come to follow after Messiah Yeshua in HIS ways rather than man’s ways. I would venture to say that those struggles haven’t gone away but may even be intensifying for some people. It often seems that when we consciously choose to draw near to Messiah, we may be met with an initial barrage of discouragement of one kind or another….financial burdens, relationship struggles, just plain busy-ness…anything to try to draw our focus away from our faithfulness and obedience to the One Who is coming again soon! And if those tactics don’t work against us personally, it seems the target just broadens and the adversary creates chaos in the lives of those close to us. Will we fall back into worry and anxiety or will we remain constant in our confidence that He holds it all in His Hands? Will those who share our faith know how to support us in this process, even when it looks messy? And sometimes it is even wondering if there WILL be ANYONE who shares my faith nearby.

When Yeshua described the process of the separation of the sheep and goats, it just seemed more straightforward and not the difficult and sometimes unclear way it seems to be happening now! But then, all that is happening now is the precursor to that Day. We are walking through our sanctification process and if we allow Him to do what He knows we need now, we will be joyful in how He directs us then!

I have long seen this as a stairway of faith but haven’t yet written it up with graphics. Can you picture this with me?

For in it [the Gospel] the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith;

as it is written, "BUT THE RIGHTEOUS man SHALL LIVE BY FAITH."

Romans 1:17 NASB

That phrase challenged me!

How can one go from faith to faith? One place I checked helped get the picture. The Amplified Bible, 1995, has it as: both springing from faith and leading to more faith [disclosed through the way of faith that arouses to more faith]

So, we come from the sea of confusions of life, being “in the soup” when our Messiah shows Himself to us and causes us to spring up to the first step of faith. HalleluYah! But in my picture, new in faith, I see myself standing there, hands on hips, declaring something like: Ok, God, I know You are there and You are real but You really can’t ask too much of me because I have this, and this and this going on in my life. But I will fit You in!

When the next challenge comes, do we stand on that first step of faith which leads to more faith, or do we fall back “in the soup?” Can He trust us to “remember, remember, remember,” Who He is to us and that He is faithful? Even when we HAVE been able to stand on that first step of faith in the next challenge so that we again see that He met us there, and we arise to the next step/level of faith, will the next difficulty still find us there or are we overwhelmed and turn back, falling “into the soup” again?

I wish I could say I have never circled back, but then, of course, I wouldn’t know of the mercy and compassion of our Elohim. I have found in my life and that of many others, that the challenges often increase and we too often find that we don’t have a solid enough grip on that step of faith we are in to keep us from JUMPING back into the soup! But He is faithful and when we confess our lack of faith or sin, He is merciful and will cleanse and restore us.

As I see it, we can come to faith, and based on that faith, spring up to more faith, sometimes circling back but hopefully, ever moving upward until that place of faith, and our hold on it, is so firm that we cannot easily be shaken! Remembering Who He is and What He has done; acknowledging that faith is a gift from Him that none should boast. Now I see a person there, nearer to the higher up step of faith, on their knees, in humility saying: Praise Yah! Your will be done: not mine but Yours! Even if I don’t understand it all, Praise Yah!

Remnant Bride! Where are you on the stairway of “faith to faith?“ Can you reach back to encourage one who has fallen, or reach up for encouragement as needed?

As we come together in Messiah, and turn our hearts away from this world system, we really are a remnant of the whole. Our lives may be filled with even more challenges than others as He prepares us. Some have never even gotten to the first step out of the soup! But we can be assured that our Abba makes sure that every one of His creation has the opportunity to come to Him. Those who have endured trials and preparations in faith so that we are ready to meet Him will rejoice and be glad!

And just a note: if you’d like me to bring the presentations done at RutR to your assembly, please be in touch! or (920) 634-2760

Shalom in Messiah Yeshua to you!

Barb Klika