How to be a Part of the

Raising Up The Remnant Conference,

December 26-29th, 2019

STEP 1: Reserve Your Lodging & Food

Secure accommodations at the YMCA Trout Lodge, then purchase conference tickets! 

NOTE: The on-site lodging option to stay right inside the Trout Lodge, include food built into the per person price. ON-site lodging is NOT required, but there is no option to reserve Trout Lodge accommodations without the inclusion of meals. If you would like to stay off-site at the Super 8 motel, you may forego meals at the Lodge or choose to buy individual meals or meal packages through the Lodge.  

We also have meal packages available for those who stay off-site.


Carefully review the following information which details EVERYTHING you need to know about lodging and food:

Pricing for Lodging & Biblically Clean Food

YMCA Pricing per person and rooms


Adults (18+) $89.00/day
Teens (13-17) $79.00/day
Children (5-12) Free!

(1st two children per accommodation are free, each additional child is $29)

Children (0-4) Free!

*Standard Guest Room: No Additional Fee
**Loft Room: Additional $30 per night
***Cabin: Additional $100 per night

On-Site Lodging

Trout Lodge Facility Layout

Trout Lodge Has Five Floors. When entering through the front entrance, you are on the 4th floor where Guest Services (front desk) and the dining room are located. The other floors are guest & loft room areas.

YMCA Trout Lodge is ground zero for this event! MOST of the happenings over the weekend happen right in this building, and we have two different types of rooms for folks to choose from. Only 80 rooms are available at this location, so book early to ensure you're right where the action is!

(pricing for all guest rooms within the lodge is per person as detailed above and includes all food and beverage for entire weekend)

Guest Rooms

Standard guest rooms

60 Available in Lodge - No Additional Fee


• 2 queen beds plus one roll-away bed
• Bathroom with separate vanity area
• Workspace with table & chairs
• Walk-out balcony/patio with a stunning         view of Sunnen Lake

Loft Style guest rooms

20 Available in Lodge - Additional $30 Fee /night

Lakeview Family Cabins

10 Available Only a five minute walk from main lodge -
Additional $100 Fee /night


Upper Level
• 2 Recliners
• One roll-away bed
• Sink & vanity
• Table, chairs & small refrigerator

Lower Level
• 2 queen beds plus one roll-away bed
• Bathroom with separate vanity area
• Workspace with table & chairs
• Walk-out balcony/patio with a stunning         view of Sunnen Lake


Cabins can comfortably accommodate 2 families as they hold 10 people each. We
encourage you to plan your weekend with another Remnant Family to share the
additional nightly fee, or allow us to pair you with one!

• 2 Bedrooms, each with one full bed and         two bunk beds
• 2 full bathrooms with tub and/or shower
• Living area with sofa (not sleeper), table       & chairs, small refrigerator, microwave and
   hand-hewn stone fireplace
• 2 roll-away beds & a pack 'n play
• Screened-in wrap-around porch with lake       view

Off-Site Lodging

Super 8 Motel

820 E High St. Petosi, O 63664

Potosi, Missouri Super 8 Motel - This is an off-site property only 15 minutes drive from the conference. It's an option for those who missed their opportunity to book right on site. The YMCA Lodge will offer a meal package to those booking off-site so that attendees can be a part of the entire event without having to leave during mealtimes. It's absolutely going to still be a phenomenal experience for those joining the conference off-site!

Call Super 8 direct to book your rooms at 573-438-8888

(If you book online, then be sure to call the direct hotel line to switch to discounted rate!)


Nightly discounted rate:

$59.99 Single bed
$65.00 Double bed

Meal package to accompany this option 

(which is booked through the ymca).

Adult meals for all three days: $110
Child Meal package all three days: $92.00

There are options to buy meals separately.

Biblically Clean Meals

We will be working very closely with the food service provider to ensure that all food served throughout this event is Biblically clean and honoring to our Father. All meals will be delicious and nutritious buffet style food that will include food options for many who have food restrictions. For the Shabbat celebration of the weekend, we have arranged for all meals to be pre-assembled in box-style packages prior to sun down on Friday evening. Saturday morning meal and Saturday lunch meal will also be prepared ahead for a Shabbat honoring meal solution.

Once you have made your food and lodging accommodations for the weekend, you'll be ready to purchase your admission tickets for the conference. With your lodging confirmation number in hand, (it will be helpful to input this in your registration), go to our Buy Tickets page: 

Pricing Structure for Conference Tickets


Adult 3-day pass $149.00

Full conference weekend including all presenters and activities Single Child (ages 5-19)

3-day pass $79.00

Premium Children's weekend filled with training and activities

**For families with 3 or more children, we provide a 15% discount per child

A Word About The Meal Plan