How to be a Part of the

Raising Up The Remnant Conference

December 26-29th, 2019

Secure accommodations at the YMCA Trout Lodge, then purchase conference tickets! 

NOTE: The on-site lodging option to stay right inside the Trout Lodge, include food built into the per person price. ON-site lodging is NOT required, but there is no option to reserve Trout Lodge accommodations without the inclusion of meals. If you would like to stay off-site at the Super 8 motel, you may forego meals at the Lodge or choose to buy individual meals or meal packages through the Lodge.  Off-site lodging also requires that a $30/person/day "day pass" be purchased through the Trout Lodge to be at the event.

We also have meal packages available for those who stay off-site.


Carefully review the following information which details EVERYTHING you need to know about lodging and food: